Wine Bottle Stock Images

The Mount Vineyard nestles quietly in the idyllic village of Shoreham in Kent and by the foot hills of the Darenth Valley. This Kent Vineyard continues the long history of English wine making which dates back to the Roman times when they used to grow grapes in this area. The sunny microclimate of the chalk-stream valley is conducive to excellence in grapes.

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The Mount Vineyard asked for some stock images of a selection of their wines in preparation for their submission for the International Wine Challenge.

Photographing reflective surfaces represents a distinct challenge. After concentrating on getting the bottle positioned properly, changing the lighting setup and then remembering to clean the bottle!, a good photo gets spoilt when you can see yourself in the reflection. Soft lighting and a judicial use of a red gel filter on the right hand side made these images look good enough to drink.

The Mount Vineyard is open to the public for wine tasting and small functions. Please visit for more information

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